WTF is a Sweet Rebel Babe, anyway?

Posted on September 05 2016

That’s a question we’ve struggled to answer, but we’ll try and maybe you’ll relate... The illegitimate (and immaculate conception) love child of Rihanna and Taylor Swift, she’s indescribably beautiful within. Maybe a little complicated, she’s always full of enthusiasm and life. And her ‘dang, she did that’  style hints at her mystery. Some days she’s soft, subtle, and approachable.  Other days, she’s fierce, fly, and unf*ckwithable. Always one to bring adventure and edge to even the most low-key outfit. You mix street style, with your bohemian ideals to create these polished, thrown-together outfits that leave pretty boys speechless, and girls feeling a little unworthy.. but you’re still part of the sisterhood. Gritty, yet gentle, you’re the best version of ourselves. TOTALLY makes sense, right? If you’ve got the SRB spirit, then we’re happy to welcome you into our little corner of the universe. You’ll feel right at home here.

Indulge your sweet side

Lovecat Brunch Two Piece Skirt Set in Pink Floral


Babygirl Open Back Lace Tunic


MINKPINK By The River Floral Bell Sleeve Wrap Top


Indulge your rebellious side:

Social Decay Babes & Beer Muscle Tee in Black


Night Falls Mesh Maxi Embroidered Dress


HLZBLZ Whatever Forever Muscle Tank


Jaeci Badass Cutout Necklace in Silveralt="jaeci-badass-cutout-necklace-in-silver"