Kylie Jenner: How To Get Her Signature Style For Less

Posted on July 29 2016

On again, off again. When it comes to her romantic life the youngest of the infamous Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, is a little all over the place. But when it comes to her signature fashion style she’s pretty consistent - which is why she’s one of our favorite Sweet Rebel babes. Now while you may not have the sort of fashion fund that Kylie has, you can still rock her look while keeping the cost very affordable.

The T-shirt:

Wearing one of my favorite brands in-between shots. Love @elevenparisofficial #elevenparis

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Kylie does the dress down look much better than her older sister Kim. With a rather enviable selection of printed Tees, we’ve noticed she goes for the ‘go with everything’ palette of black and white.

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The Leggings:

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Kylie is not shy about showing off her slim shapely legs, and we absolutely love her when she’s doing the activewear look. Again, she keeps it simple with the classic monochrome color scheme.

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Wear with some boxfresh sneakers, or team it with heels to bring some extra ‘Jenner ‘glam’ to any occasion.

The Bralette:

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Kylie is always on trend, but manages to find a way to bring her own fierce flair to it. The bralette look isn't going anywhere any time soon, and with a season of festivals and gigs ahead, we’re pretty sure Ms. Jenner will break out a killer bralette at some point. You’ve been warned:

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The Shades:

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Oversized, reflective, edgy, when it comes to her sunnies, Kylie doesn’t play it safe and we adore that about her. Although she seems to come back to the classic aviator shape, she’s not afraid to mix it up a little!

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Add any of these key pieces to your wardrobe to take the style stakes up a few notches. And because you’re a Sweet Rebel babe, we know just like Kylie, you’ll bring your own special swagger.