How to survive festival season like a total babe!

Posted on July 14 2016

Okay SRB! Festival season is upon us, and the goal is to make it in, rock our little socks off, and make it out - while still having our iPhone, friendships, and self-respect still in tact! No easy feat, which is why we created the SRB festival and gig guide. Let’s dive in.

  1. Pack light

The temptation to bring all the things is all too real, we know. But even if you bring two suitcases of clothes, you’ll probably end up staying in the shorts you came in!

Do the mix-n-match thing. Keep that wardrobe edit tight. And take pieces that all work together. Your ‘post-festival’ self (who has to carry everything home again) will thank you for it! Going to Electric Forest festival ? You’ll look great in:

Bardot Flouncy Crop Top and Shorts Set in Black by Lovecat


  1. Leave white for the club!

Yes! We know it’s hot, you’re sporting a killer tan, and you want to get that color POPPIN’!

Cool, do you boo! ... but stay away from white. Why? Festivals aren’t known for being the cleanest of spots. And while white always looks cute (in the morning) it starts to look real dirty… real fast! You’ve been warned. Going to Lollapalooza? You’ll knock ‘em dead in this.

African Trance Print Jumpsuit by Minkpink


  1. Pray for sun. Prepare for rain.

The forecast may say non stop sunshine, but SRB’s are never caught slippin’. Make sure you’ve got at least one romper with long sleeves. Going to Moonrise festival, when you step out in this badass playsuit, you’ll shine like a star.

Day in the Sun Playsuit by Reverse


  1. Accessorize like a boss!

That elaborate headdress that’s been on top of your wardrobe for years... wear it!

Festivals and gigs are the natural habitat for the SRB, so cut loose and and don’t be afraid to have fun. Going to Electric Zoo Festival?  Whether you're piling the pieces on, or keeping your accessories streamlined, this tasseled cutie is a winner.

Faux Leather Black Tassel Wrap Necklace


  1. Get the legs out. Keep ‘the girls’ underwraps!

Let’s be honest, although we want to look 100% dope, we don’t go to festivals just to look cute. We go to dance till our feet hurt, right!

Janet J. nailed the whole ‘nipplegate’ thing at the super bowl years back, so there’s really no need to go for round two. Keep it classy! Wear a great (well fitting) bra, then dance like nobody’s watching! Going to Capitol Hill Dance Party? These CAF high-waisted booty shorts are the way to go.

Showdown Rolled Cuff High-Waisted Denim Shorts in Light Blue by Minkpink


So that’s it, SRB.

Now you know what it takes to survive festival season like a total babe, there’s only thing left for it: make sure you use the hashtag #SRBFESTIVAL for a feature on our account.