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How to wear all white for any occasion

Posted on April 04 2016

They say you shouldn't wear all white after labour day, but here at Sweet Rebel we don't like to follow rules - especially when we have fierce white pieces in our wardrobe that deserve an outing at any time of the year. 

That's why we wanted to create a post on how you can wear all white, all year round, and on any occasion.

1. Mix up your textures

This is one of the key tricks to wearing white all year round - without looking virginal or like you're off to a summer wedding. Mix and match your textures for an edgier look.



2.  Get creative and have fun

Similar to any other outfit you’ve pulled together, there's a bit more to wearing the 'all white everything' look, than just wearing all the white pieces you own - each piece must work well together.

Different accents and textures help give a more balanced looked, as does carefully choosing accessories that compliment - not over take - your look.

We love to start out with a super plain base like our white harem maxi dress, and take it from there.

3. Don't forget to accessories

If you've been focused on the all white look, it's easy to overlook accessories. But just like with any outfit, your accessories really help to pull your overall look together. We find that to be even more so when you're wearing all white. This beautiful coin bib goes with pretty much everything.

sliver coin bib statement necklace



4. Layers are the way forward

While you might traditionally think of the all white as look reserved for spring and summer, if you're careful with your layering there's no reason you can't wear this trend through to autumn - though you might want to give it a break come winter.

White waist coat

5. Stay 'scandalously' clean

Well this is often the hardest one, and usually the reason that most women give for not wearing all white: it's impossible to stay 'Olivia Pope" fresh in this colour as even the tiniest spec of dirt is very unforgiving.

So you'll want to make sure you're very cautious when you're wearing all white - as you don't want to have to leave the party early. Especially as the party rarely starts till a Sweet Rebel babe arrives, and it usually ends when we leave! #justsayin

White crochet shorts

Are you prepping your all white everything look for 2016? Check out the new pieces we've just got in, as we've got a little something for your darling and daring sides!





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